The Wolf of Wall Street

by evan on June 3, 2010

The Wolf of Wall Street- Stock Market Millionaire at 26, Federal Convict at 36 was out of the scope of my normal reading. I do enjoy reading biographies of successful entrepreneurs, but I was a little confused when Frank Kern and Trey Smith sent me a copy as part of List Control program. After reading the book and meeting Jordon Belfort in person this past weekend at the List Control event at Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego, I realize that Jordan’s incredible story is much more than just how he lived like a rock star and parties like a king.

The stories of Jordan’s life such as his drug use and his ability to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars like the rest of the world spends for a cup of coffee is very entertaining. After speaking with Jordan this weekend, I realize that he is a successful entrepreneur who has had his past challenges like all of us, but continues to utilize his strength of influencing others to change corporations and dramatically increase sales.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys real stories that stretch the mind of what is currently possible though a very crazy string of life events.

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