Dig Your Well Before Youre Thristy by Harvey Mackay

by evan on March 28, 2010

Harvey Mackay is a legend when it comes to networking strategies and teaching easy to follow principles on how to build a strong network before you ever need it. This is a great book for people who want to understand the actions that need to be taken to create deep relationships with family, friends and business contacts.

Harvey Mackay is famous for the idea that a person’s network is only as strong as the amount of people that you can call at 2 AM and ask for $20,000. A network is not about the amount of people you know, but the strength of a relationship to each member in your network. Calling someone at 2 AM and asking for $20,000 is a symbol of a person being ‘thirsty’ and it is only possible to ask someone for $20,000 at 2 AM if you have spent your career ‘digging your well’ by cultivating these relationships before you will ever need them.

Here are a couple of the highlights from the book:

  • what kinds of network exist
  • how to start a network, and how to wring the most from it
  • the smart way to downsize your list- who to keep, who to dump
  • how to keep track of favors done and favors owed- is it my lunch or yours?
  • what you can do if you are not good at small talk
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