Dangerous Law Practice Myths Lies and Stupidity

by evan on May 31, 2010

Dangerous Law Practice Myths, Lies and Stupidity – What you absolutely DON’t want to do when STARTING, GROWING , or RUNNING your law practice is a quick read that highlights the critical aspects of running a successful business of a law firm from people who have been there and done it already. Judd Kessler, Gunter Enz, Lawrence Kohn, Thomas Kauck, Albert Barsocchini, Brian Whitaker and Michael Quadee detail 35 key components of building a successful law practice through stories about fictional law firms that illustrate real life situations.

This book is a great read for lawyers who are great lawyers but could use some support in running a successful law practice. When talking with my friends who persevered through law school and are now lawyers all over the USA, law schools typically do a good job at teaching the law but the business side of a law firm is missing from a complete law school education.

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