Pursuit of Happiness

by evan on October 21, 2010

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Learn To Juggle – Toastmasters Speech # 8

by evan on August 31, 2010

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Permission Marketing

June 15, 2010 Jeffrey's Book Club

I was really excited to read Permission Marketing by Seth Godin for two reasons. First, Seth Godin is a wonderful author who has written many marketing books applicable to all size businesses. Second, I am a HUGE believer in using permission in marketing campaigns to establish a relationship and build trust throughout interactions with prospects [...]

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Learn to Salsa Dance

June 7, 2010 Jeffrey Speaks

Understand the benefits of salsa dancing, watch the basic salsa step and follow a simple plan to becoming a salsa dancer.

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The Wolf of Wall Street

June 3, 2010 Jeffrey's Book Club

The Wolf of Wall Street- Stock Market Millionaire at 26, Federal Convict at 36 was out of the scope of my normal reading. I do enjoy reading biographies of successful entrepreneurs, but I was a little confused when Frank Kern and Trey Smith sent me a copy as part of List Control program. [...]

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I Have a Dream for Small Business

May 31, 2010 Jeffrey Speaks

Learn how we can help small businesses get 1 More Customer if we follow the principles laid out by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Dangerous Law Practice Myths Lies and Stupidity

May 31, 2010 Jeffrey's Book Club

Dangerous Law Practice Myths, Lies and Stupidity – What you absolutely DON’t want to do when STARTING, GROWING , or RUNNING your law practice is a quick read that highlights the critical aspects of running a successful business of a law firm from people who have been there and done it already. Judd [...]

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Frank Kern Conference Call

April 26, 2010 Marketing

Call With Frank Kern
Enjoy my recent conference call with Internet Marketing legend Frank Kern and his cousin Trey Smith to discuss a marketing strategy for the launch of my newest membership site based on helping salespeople around the world be more effective and close more deals.  Frank Kern averages about $6 Million in revenue for [...]

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Toastmaster Speech #3 Building A Warm Network

April 7, 2010 Jeffrey Speaks

Learn how to build a warm network in simple steps for 25 minutes per day, Monday through Friday. Go out and built your warm network so you can connect with the world.

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Dig Your Well Before Youre Thristy by Harvey Mackay

March 28, 2010 Jeffrey's Book Club

Harvey Mackay is a legend when it comes to networking strategies and teaching easy to follow principles on how to build a strong network before you ever need it. This is a great book for people who want to understand the actions that need to be taken to create deep relationships with family, friends [...]

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